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Valplast - The Class One Provisional

The Valplast Provisional is an excellent alternative to immediate implants that covers all the bases, short or long term.



• The adjacent and opposing teeth stay right where they are.

• The constant contact and massage  on the tissue eliminates the      
  need for relines.

• Patients will be thankful for the new chewing surface that will be
  protected from sharp objects

• No need to outsource for the bone graft

• Although this appliance is temporary, the retention will last a lifetime

• You can rest assured that with the cost of two regular geltrates, you
  have provided the most cost effective solution for your adult
  patients until implants are affordable


Please call the lab with any further questions. We are happy to discuss any cases you may have. We can be reached at 250-765-0074 or toll free in B.C.1-800-663-5369. 


NO  To metal

NO  To extractions due to an ill fitting appliance

NO  To cutting rest areas

NO  To relines

NO  To allergies reported in 60 years

NO  To breakage

NO  To unhappy patients


YES  To a light weight appliance

YES  To metal free smiles

YES  To an invisible junction of appliance & tissue

YES  To long term conservation of bone & tissue

YES  To high end quality dental prosthesis at a cost      
         effective price

YES  To landscape that does not require extensive
         pre-implant bone grafting


215 Froehlich Road • Kelowna B.C. V1X 3M6

Telephone 250-765-0074 • Fax 250-769-8090

Toll Free in B.C. 1-800-663-5369 

Clearly a superior product.
Why would you chose anthing else for your patients?
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