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Sport Guard Protection

Let the experts at Class One Ortho customize your next sports guard. We offer your patients a great variety of colours and flavours to choose from.
Custom - Double Arch
Custom - Single Arch
Hinged Double Arch
Vacuum Formed

Colours: black, blue, purple, red, white, neon pink, green, yellow, Canadian flag, orange & blue/white. Also available: black with white fangs and black with red dripping blood.

Material: Vinyl, thermal acrylic and medical grade silicone

Densities: Hard, medium and soft

Types: Single arch, double arch, hinged double arch

Sports: hockey, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, boxing and ski/boarding


• custom mouthguard balanced to patient's bite available in colours and flavours: strawberry, pineapple, bubblegum, apple, grape and mint

• warm and cold options • available for bracketed patients • can be monogrammed with player initials, number or decal

• sterilized and individually wrapped • includes retainer case • includes a maintenance awareness information card

Call us with any further questions. We are happy to discuss any cases you may have.
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